2016 fall
now open!
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experience day
aug. 6
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Come find out
about educational
in your backyard!
internships can make all the difference!
"I did my internship through Crown
Bioscience at the North Carolina Research
Campus in Kannapolis. The internship
solidified my passion of working
for such a leading company in the
biotechnology field
and I am proud to
say that I work there full-time and will
continue to after I graduate in the spring."
Success in Math!
aca 122-5701h (fall 2016)
aca 122-5692h (fall 2016)
This course
introduces students as members of the Rowan-Cabarrus community and
improves their skills
helps students look into their futures, especially when transferring to a
four-year institution, and...
prepares students for math courses to help alleviate their fears.
Students will not be able to register via WebAdvisor; to register
students need to be registered by an advisor, or the aca/mat chair on campus.
When to call
The 411
on 911
Here is what you need to know
when speaking with a 911 operator.
  1. Identify yourself, the emergency and your
    exact location
  2. Identify the location of the victim(s) and/or
    the perpetrator
  3. Identify the number of victims or
    perpetrators, if more than one
  4. Provide a physical description of the
    perpetrator and name, if known
  5. If a weapon is involved, identify the number
    and type of weapons used by the perpetrators
  6. Stay on the line until the 911 operator tells
    you it is ok to hang up or if the area is unsafe
    to remain
Remain calm and speak clearly