Thank you everyone for your participation in the Art & Design 2022 Voter Sticker Design Contest. Thank you for those who were able to come to the “Designs of Democracy” closing reception at the Bridge Gallery in N107.

Voter Design Sticker Contest Participants

From left to right: Kayleon Dortch-Elliott, Naomi Hall-Bruce, Carolina Vergason, Meredith Mozingo, Jeffrey Chase Raines, Sarahi Sanchez Aguilar, MC Dunbar and Charles Day (Not pictured: Manuel Antonio Cuevas Nuñez, Khettie Chanthaheuang, Dorothy Brady, Ryan Branham, Kevin Leichman, Brianna Richer, Richard Barbee, Matt Landes, Kaylee Whitley, Kyle Incardona)

Cabarrus County I Voted winner Kayleon Dortch-Elliott

Cabarrus County “I Voted” winner: Kayleon Dortch-Elliott with Vice President of Academic Programs, Dr. Michael Quillen, Ed.D.

Rowan County I Voted winner Charles Day

Rowan County “I Voted” winner: Charles Day

Rowan County, I Registered winner Carolina Vergason

Rowan County “I Registered” winner: Carolina Vergason