Fine & Applied Arts

Welcome to the Department of Fine & Applied Arts!

The Department of Fine & Applied Arts prepares our students for professional work in visual arts and graphic design. Our department focuses on integrating theory and practice and offering hands-on practical learning while bringing together a variety of perspectives, experiences and real-world education to provide opportunities for student success. We invite you to experience our unique and collaborative programs!

The Department of Fine & Applied Arts is based in the 700 building of North Campus

The Department of Fine & Applied Arts is based in the 700 Building on North Campus! All full-time faculty offices are located in suite 708. Many ART and GRD classes will be taught in building 700, so be sure to check the location of your scheduled classes.

Additional ART classes on North Campus are taught in room 4130 in building 400, and on South Campus ART and GRD courses are taught in room 3233 in building 3000 and in room 202 in building 1000.

Congratulations to RCCC Art Faculty Mikel Frank

Congratulations to RCCC Art Faculty Mikel Frank on his current exhibition, "The Visual Passion Duo". This exhibition is the culmination of works created by Gerard Amsellem and Mikel Frank since their collaboration began in 2010. The large-scale paintings are done on...

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My Views – The Bridge

Thanks to all who participated in "My Views" during the inaugural exhibition at the The Bridge. The show is fantastic - a truly thought provoking display of the various unique perspectives that make up our community. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit the...

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