Advertising & Graphic Design Student Dorothy Brady, a breast cancer survivor, was invited during spring break to visit Washington D.C. to represent North Carolina and advocate for the National Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Detection Program:

On Thursday, March 9 I participated in my first “in person” Lobby Day for Susan G. Komen Public Policy. I shared my own personal story and how cancer has impacted my life. I emphasized the importance of early detection/ screening and how this saved my life. Unfortunately many women don’t have insurance, or either underinsured or don’t have readily available access to services. The National Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Detection Program helps many who are underinsured, uninsured, low income and rural get adequate screening and testing needed. It is estimated that in this year alone 300k plus people will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Then thanks to COVID-19 delaying screenings the mortality rate could potentially increase.😢

It was an honor to be a voice for the voiceless and represent Susan G. Komen. Sharing my story also helps me heal in so many ways! After treatments and surgeries are over, it’s never over for you as a cancer Survivor. You live with the pain, the continual side effects and the emotional trauma of having had cancer every single day of your life. On some days I believe I could run faster and lift heavier if I didn’t have painful swelling weighing my chest and armpit down but I DO it anyway!!!❤ I met a group of phenomenal women!

I was paired with Laurie from South Carolina, and we called ourselves Team Carolinas!👍🏾 We had a total of 5 meetings.

You can see more of her journey here.

We are incredibly proud of you for your journey, travels and representation.

Dorothy Brady Lobby Day Journey

Dorothy Brady Lobby Day