Congratulations to Faculty Hannah Surace whose paintings “From the Middle” and “Confetti” were included in the exhibition “Moments” at Soft Times Gallery in San Francisco, California.

“Soft Times Gallery is pleased to present moments, a captivating group exhibition featuring the abstract works of 12 emerging contemporary artists. This collection of abstract art is curated to transport viewers to a world where representation yields to interpretation, where time is fluid, and where each moment spent exploring the artworks is a journey of discovery and contemplation.

The works of these 12 artists converge in a celebration of the abstract, and the perspectives, emotions, and stories that exist within. moments is an exhibition where the absence of recognizable forms serves as an open invitation for viewers to explore the depths their own perception.

Exhibiting Artists: Allison Reimus; Erin Fong; Fernanda Martinez; Hannah Surace; Kate Kosek; Kyle Austin Dunn; Laura Payne; Ryan Crudgington; Sam Dienst; Soleé Darrell; Valentin Gatica; Yameng Lee Thorp

moments is on view at Soft Times Gallery from November 2nd, 2023 through December 9th, 2023.” Source: Soft Times Gallery Exhibitions