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SGA President 2021-22

Jasmine Rosenberry

As president of the Rowan-Cabarrus Student Government Association, Jasmine Rosenberry hopes to lead by example and inspire fellow students to continue pursuing their education despite challenges and barriers that may arise.

Rosenberry graduated high school in 2020, succeeding despite personal challenges and the many limitations the COVID-19 pandemic posed for students. Her own hardships have not prevented her from persevering to become the first in her family to go to college. She is from a low-income family consisting of herself, her single mother, and two younger siblings, and also lives rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed when she was 17.

Currently pursuing an Associate in Arts degree at Rowan-Cabarrus, Rosenberry plans on graduating in Spring 2022. She then hopes to transfer to Appalachian State University to major in religious studies and theology, with the long-term goal of completing a master’s degree in library science to become a librarian.

Jasmine Rosenberry

You may contact the SGA President by email at

North Campus SGA Office: 704-216-3599
South Campus SGA Office: 704-216-3636

Despite the circumstances and challenges she has faced, Rosenberry chose to actively participate in Student Government Association and Student Life activities to forge new relationships, give back to the College, and encourage other students, even while managing her health conditions and staying on track with her studies. Once enrolled and wanting to make the most of her time in college, she also became involved with Rowan-Cabarrus TRIO Student Support Services, Work-Based Learning, and the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) Honor Society.

As SGA president, Rosenberry hopes to make College resources widely known to students. Many students are not aware of the many resources available across Rowan-Cabarrus to support them in dealing with common barriers to academic success, including food insecurity, mental wellness, and accessibility. “Hopefully, by making these needs-based programs and aid resources more widely known to my fellow peers, we can help support each other through the college experience, one day at a time,” she said.

Rosenberry chose to attend Rowan-Cabarrus because of its affordability and, after studying at the College for nearly two years, has come to love the sense of community she has found here among her peers, faculty, and staff. “Rowan-Cabarrus has ultimately become an extended family to me, and I am happy to serve the College in its entirety as SGA President.”

Enter to Win Gas Cards by Attending Student Body Meetings

Students attending the monthly SGA meetings are eligible to enter a gas card drawing for a $25 gas card. One card will be given away at the North Campus and South Campus (CBTC students are included with the South Campus drawing).

There is more to life than books and classes at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. What goes on outside the classroom is also very important. The school offers a wide variety of social and cultural opportunities which, as well as being enjoyable, also expand the learning experience. Students are encouraged to plan their own activities and programs through the Student Government Association and may use any of our excellent facilities for assembly, theater, club meetings, relaxation, and recreation.

The constitution and the activities of the SGA are subject to the approval of the administration of the college.

If you would like to be a Student Leader for the academic year, please complete the Student Leadership Application and submit to the Student Life Office (704-216-3605).