Office of Accessibility

Accommodation Plan for Students with Disabilities

  • Upon a student’s request for accommodation and a review of appropriate documentation, the student and an Office of Accessibility Counselor will develop an accommodation plan in consultation with faculty as appropriate or necessary. The plan will outline specific accommodations or adjustments. These may include physical, testing, instructional, academic support and/or equipment accommodations.
  • The accommodation plan may include a pre-determined schedule of meetings to monitor progress with a Counselor or the Coordinator of the Office of Accessibility. A copy will remain on file with the Office of Accessibility.
  • The accommodation plan must be reviewed and/or updated with each semester registration. Accommodations are not automatic and must be requested in advance. Accommodations will not be granted retroactively.
  • Students are expected to maintain contact with the Office of Accessibility as to the implementation and effectiveness of specific accommodations. Students should immediately report any concern regarding their accommodation plan to the Office of Accessibility.
  • Rowan-Cabarrus does not provide services of a personal nature outside of the classroom. Arrangements for personal services are the student’s responsibility.
  • All students are expected to comply with college policies and regulations as outlined in the Rowan-Cabarrus Catalog/Student Handbook.