Office of Accessibility

Recommended Documentation for Students with Disabilities

Student’s seeking assistance or accommodation must complete intake form. Types of helpful documentation can include medical records, psycho-educational testing and school records. If you do not have copies of this information you are welcome to meet with a disability services counselor after completion of intake form to demonstrate a connection between your condition and any academic barriers that you anticipate or are facing.

  • Students with disabilities requesting accommodations or special assistance are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to provide documentation describing a specific disability. Documentation must be provided by an appropriate professional (psychologist, medical doctor, audiologist, ophthalmologist, etc.) and should include the following six elements (appropriate to the disability):
    1. A diagnostic statement identifying the disability, a date for the current evaluation, and the date of the original evaluation (whenever possible).
    2. A description of the diagnostic tests, methods and criteria used in the evaluation. Standard scores should be included for specific learning disabilities.
    3. A description of the functional impact of the disability (that is, the effect on learning and classroom performance or participation) including specific test results and the evaluator’s narrative interpretation.
    4. A description of any relevant treatment and/or assistive devices currently prescribed or in use.
    5. A recommendation for classroom accommodations or services.
    6. The name and signature of the professional who completed the evaluation along with their credentials and contact information.
  • Documentation may also include suggestions for compensatory strategies, adaptive devices, or other support services that would benefit the student.
  • Documentation will remain confidential and will be maintained by the Office of Accessibility. This information will be considered confidential and is to be shared within the institution on a need-to-know basis only. Disability records may be destroyed five years after the student’s last enrollment.