Cosmetic Arts

Steps to Enroll & Program Information


Steps One → Six: Admissions Process

To begin your journey, complete the six steps for the Rowan-Cabarrus admissions process for curriculum students now. This is a free application process to the college.  Then, complete the ‘Next Steps’ items for program selection.

To be eligible to participate in the competitive admissions process, an applicant must complete all items outlined for college admission and program selection.  Meeting all requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program as seats are limited.  Please check the college’s website for updated dates of available registration.

Note: Students are not able to self-register for the cosmetic arts courses that begin with the prefix COS; this includes all core cosmetology, esthetics and manicuring courses.  Once you have completed all of the necessary steps, you will receive communication from the Cosmetology Department.

If you wish to take any additional general education courses that do not begin with the COS prefix, you may self-register for these courses through your student WebAdvisor account or contact a student navigator for additional assistance.

Step Seven: Important Program To Do’s

  1. Important additional information to know can be found in the Cosmetology Programs Booklet.
  2. Complete your application through the Cosmetology Applicant Tracking (C.A.T.) system. Allow a minimum of two-weeks for your submission to be processed.
  3. Check your student and personal emails often for important communication.

Step Eight: Books & Supplies 

When you are registered for the course, you will see fees and will have the option to set up a payment plan with the College. These fees include tuition, books and supplies. Your books and supplies will be delivered to you by your instructor on the first day of class. This gives your instructor the opportunity to check your supplies to make sure the kits are complete, as these are non-refundable once opened.

Note: To see a full cost summary, visit the infographic associated with your program. All costs are subject to change. Additional supplies and kit purchases will be required in subsequent semesters.

Cosmetology 55140

COS 111 & 112 classes

Textbook: Pivot Point + Pivot Point toolkit + mannequins

Esthetics C55230

COS 119 & 120 classes

Textbook: Pivot Point, Esthetics includes L.A.B. + Esthetics kit

Esthetics kit

Manicuring/Nail Technology C55400

COS 121 & 122 classes

Textbook: Milady Standard Nail with MindTap + Manicuring kit

Manicuring/nail tech kit

Instructor's Training: Cosmetology C55160

COS 271 & 272 classes

Textbook: Master Educator and Exam Review*

*The book is currently available on the Rowan-Cabarrus online bookstore.

Step Nine: Uniforms and Student ID Badge

All programs wear “scrub” type uniforms with black pants. Closed-toe, water resistant, black shoes and socks – comfortable for long periods of standing.

Good suggestion: The cost of scrubs and shoes depend on brands, stores, etc. Shop around for the best deals! Also, purchase multiple tops and pants to avoid excessive laundry.

A Rowan-Cabarrus Community College student ID must be visible at all times and considered part of your mandatory uniform. A black or matching lab coat is optional. 

Cosmetology Uniforms

Medium/platinum gray top

“Scrub” type black pants

Closed-toe, water resistant, comfortable black shoes

Esthetics Uniforms

Teal top

“Scrub” type black pants

Closed-toe, water resistant, comfortable black shoes

Manicuring/Nail Technology Uniforms

Royal blue top

“Scrub” type black pants

Closed-toe, water resistant, comfortable black shoes

Instructor Training Uniforms

Black top

“Scrub” type black pants

Closed-toe, water resistant, comfortable black shoes

Optional Embroidered Jacket

(Only Accepted Uniform Outerwear)


Size XS to XL = $27.00

Size 1XL to 3XL = $29.40

Size 4XL – 5X = $31.80

*Includes the embroidered logo for the program you are enrolled in.

You may also add your name for an additional $3.00

RCCC Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology embroidered jackets can be tried on and purchased at:

Carolina Uniforms
930 Cloverleaf Plaza
Kannapolis, North Carolina 28083


We, the faculty at Rowan-Cabarrus Cosmetology Center, look forward to meeting you and giving you the joy of a new career opportunity. Please visit our website for more information on the College or follow us on our Facebook page – Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology.