Cosmetic Arts

Manicuring/Nail Technology Program

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Degree Options



Semesters to Complete

(two 8-week minimesters)

Estimated Total Cost of Program


Average Tuition per Semester

Instate – $912
Out of State – $3,216

Estimated Total Tuition

Instate – $912

Textbook Cost


Manicuring/Nail Technology Kit Cost

1st Semester – $198


Required Classes

COS-121, COS-122

Schedule options

All classes meet in person at College Station Campus in addition to online assignments to be completed outside of these meeting times.

Fall 2022

Option 1 – August through December Monday through Friday  8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Option 2 – August through December Monday through Thursday  5:30-10:00 p.m.

Spring 2023

 Option 2 – January through May Monday through Thursday  5:30-10:00 p.m.

*Note: Schedules are subject to change

More Information

Nail technicians perform manicures, pedicures and other beauty procedures to clients’ fingernails and toenails. These processes involve removing polish, cleaning, trimming, filing and buffing nails. They may also work to reduce calluses and massage and moisturize hands and feet. In addition to these services, technicians also discuss the various nail treatments with clients and recommend nail and skin care products.

The manicuring/nail technology program provides competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the nail technology industry. The curriculum provides a simulated salon environment which enables students to develop manipulative skills.

Graduates should be prepared to take the North Carolina Cosmetology State Board Licensing Exam, and upon passing, be licensed and qualify for employment in beauty and nail salons, as a platform artist, and in related businesses.

For additional resources regarding the Manicuring/Nail Technology program course plans and degree offerings, visit the Rowan-Cabarrus Catalog & Student Handbook.

If you’re interested in more information regarding student fees, build your semester schedule in our Tuition Calculator.