General Instructor Training

General Instructor Training should be taken by Criminal Justice personnel planning to teach in any course mandated by either the Criminal Justice Education Training Standards Commission or the Sheriff’s Education Training Standards Commission. Prior to teaching in any commission-mandated course, you must successfully complete this course and apply for, and be granted, certification as a probationary instructor. Also, personnel desiring to attend specialized Instructor Training courses such as Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Physical Fitness, Law Enforcement Driver Training, etc. must first successfully complete the General Instructor Training course.

Registration Requirements

Prior to becoming a probationary instructor, applicants must first meet the following education experience requirements. NCAC 09B.0300:

  • A minimum of a high-school diploma and four (4) years practical experience as a Criminal Justice Officer.
  • Practical experience must be as a Criminal Justice officer or as an administrator or specialist in a field directly related to the Criminal Justice System.

It is your responsibility to make sure you meet these qualifications.

About the Course

Course Goal

To provide the skills necessary to competently research, plan, prepare, present and evaluate a block of instruction in accordance with the system’s approach.


This course employs discussion, programmed text, demonstration and practice.

Books and Supplies

Books are available at North Campus Bookstore, Bldg. 500; 704-637-9822

  • Instructor Training Student Manual
  • Students are responsible for securing their own text and having them the first day of class. Old copies are not acceptable due to revisions.

Upcoming Dates

To be announced

Contact Information

Brenda Brady
Instructor in Criminal Justice[+]
  • Public Services
  • Academic Programs
Larry Heintz
Coordinator in Basic Law Enforcement[+]
  • Public Services
  • Corporate and Continuing Education
Lynn Coughenour
Administrative Services Assistant in Basic Law Enforcement[+]
  • Public Services
  • Academic Programs