Patrick Smith

Lieutenant Special Investigations – Salisbury Police Department

After working in retail since age 16, Patrick Smith decided to pursue a career in law enforcement when he was 29. He was sponsored by the Salisbury Police Department to attend the Rowan-Cabarrus Basic Law Enforcement Training program and was hired after completion. Since then, he has earned a bachelor’s degree at Columbia College and is now studying for his Master of Leadership Science degree at Pfeiffer University.

“I was encouraged to attend Rowan-Cabarrus by Al Hoffman, who was a great inspiration and close friend, and was awarded a scholarship in his name,” Smith said. “The learning experience was enjoyable, and at a pace where I could work full time and still spend time with my family. I recommend Rowan-Cabarrus to anyone looking to get the degree they have always wanted. I wish I had started sooner instead of talking about it for 10 years before actually taking the first step.”

Today, Smith works as a Lieutenant for Special Investigations with the Salisbury Police Department. His favorite part of his job is mentoring younger officers and watching them succeed and advance in their career. “Law enforcement is always evolving, and we strive to look for ways to better serve our community,” he said.

To maintain his healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, Smith is an avid runner. “People I work with think I am crazy because I run in the rain, I run in the cold, and I run in the heat. I try to fit at least four or five runs into my week. Each year I set a mileage goal and add miles each year, with hopes to top out and maintain 2,000 miles a year by 2023.”