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Are You Interested in a Trades Apprenticeship, but don’t know where to start?

Apprenticeship programs vary widely, but all have one thing in common: You are employed and being paid while you are being trained! Plus, you receive employment benefits.

Student welding in labRowan-Cabarrus Community College is offering a Welding Pre-Apprenticeship program to help people get started in the construction trades apprenticeship programs of welding, plumbing & pipefitting for large commercial projects. It is an advanced 18-week hands-on welding course with direct entry into a Department of Labor registered Apprenticeship program.

This is a proven welding program that mirrors the Veterans in Piping – Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Pre-Apprenticeship program which was awarded the 2020 Outstanding Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Program at the 2020 ApprenticeshipNC Conference.

Students entering this Pre-Apprentice program will receive two years’ credit towards the 5-year “Registered Apprenticeship” program upon successful completion of the 18-week course. This also means that you will immediately be paid as a 3rd year apprentice during your first year of working as an apprentice. This welding program is geared towards the Industrial/Commercial piping industries. We currently have apprentices who are earning $70,000 a year or more (including overtime pay), plus receiving a very good benefits package.

Training is 5 days/week doing hands-on welding at Concord’s Mechanical Trades Carolina Training Center. Students are not required to pay a registration fee, but are responsible for their own personal protective equipment (PPE).

For more information and to register, please contact Kerry Motley ( or 704-216-7210).