Distance Education

Distance Education Delivery Methods

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College offers a variety of distance education delivery methods, which allow students to participate in learning outside of the traditional classroom. When registering for courses, it is important to understand the delivery method of the course and the expectations associated with your selection. While some classes may have specific technology requirements, we highly recommend all students have access to the minimum technical requirements.

For more information on applying to the college, registering for classes, or paying tuition and fees, visit the student success website. For more information about section numbers used for all terms and delivery methods, please visit Understanding Course Section Numbers.


Blended class sections primarily meet face-to-face on specified days and have a required online component, which requires students to have Internet access as part of the course. Blended classes are designated in WebAdvisor by:

  • B at the end of the section identifier – Example: ART-111-100B
  • and a dual campus location including both a Virtual Campus and an on-campus location


Hybrid class sections combine online learning with face-to-face instruction. All Hybrid courses will meet on campus on specified days. The remaining instruction and course content will be delivered as an Internet course. Hybrid classes are designated in WebAdvisor by:

  • an H at the end of the section identifier – Example: ART-111-01H
  • and a dual campus location including both a Virtual Campus and an on-campus location


HyFlex class sections offer 100% of the instruction face-to-face with the faculty member in a physical classroom while the course is also delivered online synchronously and/or asynchronously. Students may choose to attend online or in person depending on what best meets their needs. 

  • an F at the end of the section identifier – Example: ART-111-01F
  • and a dual campus location including both a Virtual Campus and an on-campus location


Internet classes are 100% online. Course communication, instruction, materials, and assignments are completed online. Internet students complete their courses without on-campus meetings but may be required to participate in a proctored exam or participate in online meetings. Before participating in an online class, students are required to meet skills requirements. Talk with your advisor to determine how you can register for an Internet class. Internet classes are designated in WebAdvisor by:

  • an N at the end of the section identifier – Example: ART-1151-220N
  • and a location of Virtual Campus

Because Internet classes are 100% only with no scheduled meetings online or in-person, we have put in a few requirements for taking fully online (Internet) classes. In order to self-register for an Internet class you must meet any one of the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of an Internet or Hybrid course at Rowan-Cabarrus
  • GPA ≥ 2.2
  • RISE Placement test score of 70+ on English Tier I
  • Successful completion of ENG-002 with a grade of P1 (Tier I), or higher-level ENG course*
  • Be in the Early College or Career and College Promise Program

*Successful completion of an internet/fully online course at another college is also acceptable but will need to be verified by an advisor.

Access & Attendance

All classes will be available in Blackboard on the class start date. Each class has a specific schedule that must be followed. It is important that you carefully review your schedule in WebAdvisor and the class syllabus – located in the Start Here area of each Blackboard class site, so you are aware of important dates and deadlines, such as class start date, end date, meeting dates (for hybrid, hyflex, and blended classes), and assignment deadlines. Students are expected to access their course (via Blackboard) on the first day of class (start date) to complete the Enrollment Verification Assignment (EVA) and receive instructions to begin their coursework.

What is the EVA?

The Enrollment Verification Assignment (EVA) is a quick quiz that establishes your enrollment in a class, so it’s important that the EVA is completed before doing any classwork. If you do not complete the EVA by the deadline, you may be dropped from the class and your tuition and fees adjusted accordingly. If you are receiving financial aid, we recommend you contact a financial aid representative to determine how this may impact you.

Important: You will not have access to your assignments or course materials until you have submitted the EVA with a score of 1 or greater, this should appear in My Grades as Verified. Once you have completed the EVA, click on My Grades in the course menu. If the EVA grade displays anything other than “Verified,” or a score of 1 or greater, immediately contact your instructor for assistance.


Participation & Communication

  • Use your college email account for all email communication.
  • Login to Blackboard frequently, as directed by your instructor.
  • Students taking Blended courses must attend all on-campus sessions and complete the online coursework.
  • Actively participate in the online portion of the course and keep in contact with the instructor.
  • Meet assignment and testing deadlines set by the instructor.