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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s (RCCC) Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) titled Student Education Empowerment Kit (SEEK) was designed to create a student experience that would impact a student from the start to finish or first semester toward career for students. The tried-and-true celebratory component of the SEEK QEP, is that it truly covers support outlets within many divisions of the College. Student Services, Advising, Curriculum, Continuing Education, Internships, Employers, and College Technology Resources such as the Virtual Education Resources Center (VERC).

The overarching success of the SEEK QEP is measurable within Quantitative and Qualitative results. This is illustrated within 3 connections:

Connection 1

Connection 1 is within the ENG 111 curriculum course. This connection gives students the opportunity to explore their prospective career choices in a comprehensive research assignment. Conducting career exploration and exposure to resumes. From a measurable outcomes perspective, the quantitative measures for the QEP illustrate a benchmark of attaining a 70% or better on approved assessments. Connection 1 within ENG 111 has exceeded all established benchmarks.

Connection 2

Connection 2 is within Work-Based Learning which offers all curriculum students internship placement in a relevant field to gain work-related experience while still in college. Connection 2 within Work-Based Learning has also exceeded all established benchmarks.

Connection 3

Connection 3 is within the Virtual Employment Resources Center. This connection presents students with several online career resources that foster investigation, interactive activities for interviewing, resume writing, and career topics. Connection 3 within the Virtual Employment Resources Center has also met all established benchmarks.

SEEK was implemented in Fall 2015.

More Information

If you have questions about SEEK contact QEP Co-Directors:

Dr. Angelo Markantonakis
Associate Vice President, Academic Programs

Debra NeeSmith
Associate Vice President, Academic Support