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Interviewer Perspective: The other side of the Interviewing Table (ITRP Eligible

May 6 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Don Rabon, Highly Motivated                      REGISTER HERE  using class ID Code 124925
  • Date: May 6-24, 2024
  • Location:  Online – Blackboard
  • Time: 12:01 am – 11:59 pm

Interviewer Perspective: The other side of the interviewing table

Twenty-four hours

Course Overview:

This course is designed to give interviewers a unique perspective on the interview process by allowing them to step into the shoes of the interviewee. By understanding the mindset, tactics, and strategies of those being interviewed, interviewers can better anticipate and respond to their behaviors during an interview.

Course Objectives:

Understand the mindset of the interviewee: the emotions, thoughts, and motivations that drive individuals who are being interviewed but may have something to hide.

Explore the various strategies employed by resistant interviewees, such as deflection, minimization, exaggeration, and feigned cooperation.

Enhance overall interviewing skills: apply the insights gained from this course to improve the ability to conduct successful interviews, whether with guilty, innocent or third-party interviewees in order to obtain the truth.

Assessment Methods:

Students will be assessed through a series of  topic-related assignments. Engagement in discussions will also be taken into account.


May 6
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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