Office of the President


Carol S. Spalding, Ed.D

President’s Cabinet

Jonathan Chamberlain
Chief Officer, College Environment

Nekita Eubanks
Interim Chief Officer of Human Resources

Ken Ingle
Chief Officer, Information Services/CIO

Craig Lamb
Vice President of Corporate and Continuing Education

Kizzy Lea
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Ledbetter
Interim Vice President of Student Success Services

Dr. Michael Quillen
Vice President of Academic Programs 

President’s Council

Rebecca Anderson
Director, ERP & Project Management

Dr. Wendy Barnhardt
Dean in Health and Education

Justin Bost
Instructor, Mathematics

Danny Carpenter
Director of Operations & Maintenance

Dr. Steve Cathcart
Director, Diversity & Compliance Training

Paula Dibley
Executive Director, Marketing & Recruiting

Paul DuPree
Director, Campus Safety & Security

Nekita Eubanks
Associate Chief Officer, Human Resources

Catherine Garcia
Executive Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Rebecca Hooks
Director, Grants Management and Development

Timothy Hunter
Coordinator, Learning Resource Center

Kizzy Lea
Associate Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Ledbetter
Executive Director for Student Success, North Campus

Natasha Lipscomb
Executive Director for Student Success, South Campus

Donna Ludwig
Account Manager, Business Services

Van Madray
Dean in Business, Engineering Technologies, and Public Services

Angelo Markantonakis
Associate Vice President of Academic Programs

Marcia Miller
Senior Advisor & Project Manager, Student Advisory Services

Ann Morris
Associate Vice President, Division of Corporate & Continuing Education

Debra NeeSmith
Associate Vice President of Academic Support, Distance Education

Crystal Ryerson
Director of Recruitment, Marketing & Enrollment Management

Dusty Saine
Director, Events & Logistics

Carol Scherczinger
Dean in Arts and Sciences

Jenn Selby
Director of Philanthropy & the Arts

Stephen Swanson
Director, Development & Integration

Alan Thompson
Director, Emergency Medical Service and Program Chair, Emergency Medical Science & Emergency Management

Sarah Walker
Director of Governance, Foundation Operations & Public Information

Ronald Wolfe
Chair, Cosmetology