Campus Safety & Security

Emergency Response & Evacuation Procedures

Rowan-Cabarrus has several procedures addressing emergency, health, safety, and accident procedures. These procedures provide information, depending on the nature of the emergency, on whom in the campus community to notify and how to notify them in the case of an emergency. These case specific procedures address: Emergency, Health, Safety, and Accidents; Emergency Evacuation; Bomb Threats; Lockdowns; and Crisis Communication Plan.

Rowan-Cabarrus is committed to ensuring the safety of all students, employees, and campus guests. The Crisis Communication Plan provides for the accurate, prompt, and consistent dissemination of information to help the college assess the safety and well being of individuals and facilities and to protect the positive reputation of the college during and after a crisis situation. The Crisis Communication Plan provides for a Crisis Management Team composed of the college president, the senior leadership team, security and facility managers, and the public information officer. The Crisis Action Team will follow a prescribed four step process of ensuring that a significant emergency exists, the nature of any communications about the emergency (who to notify and how), and ensuring overall effective communications about an emergency.

The four steps in RCCC’s crisis communication process are:

  1. Determine the Facts and Their Impact – The Crisis Management Team members assess the situation, identify injuries, loss and damage that have occurred, and identify ongoing threats that may result in additional injuries and damage
  2. Take Action to Prevent Additional Damage – The Crisis Management Team takes appropriate steps to secure damaged areas before granting access to visitors. In some situations the use of law enforcement and emergency response officials will be used to control access and ensure a safe environment.
  3. Share Information with Appropriate Audiences – When a situation is news-worthy reporters will want to report on the story to the public. Rowan-Cabarrus will share factual information appropriately, quickly, and completely through college spokespersons that will be accessible to news media.
  4. Repair the Damage – The college’s president, public information officer and other authorized spokespersons will share information appropriately to ensure internal and external audiences that college operations are returning to normal.