ILL Lending Policy

The Interlibrary Loan lending policy applies to all materials loaned through the CCLINC or OCLC consortia programs to other institutions.

Types of Requests Accepted

Rowan-Cabarrus will accept OCLC Interlibrary Loan requests and manual requests submitted on ALA forms via mail or fax. We do not accept e-mail or phone requests. RCCC will accept hold requests from CCLINC members placed through the consortia catalog. CCLINC members may also request copies of material from non-circulating materials via email.

Loan Period

Rowan-Cabarrus will lend books to other libraries for a four week period.


There is no charge for lending.


The borrowing library may request a renewal by contacting our Interlibrary Loan Department. Renewals are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Materials Available for Loan

Rowan-Cabarrus will lend books and audio-visual material from the general collection and photocopies of articles from current issues of magazines. RCCC will provide photocopies from material in our collection for borrowing libraries provided it does not violate any copyright restrictions. RCCC does not lend: reference material and other non-circulating items; material in poor condition; material that receives heavy in-house use; periodicals, lease books, and books published within the last year.

International Requests

Rowan-Cabarrus does not accept requests outside the United States.

Delivery Methods

  • Loans: USPS or State Courier
  • Copies: Email, Fax, and USPS

Turnaround Time

Our average turnaround time is 4 working days. We make every possible effort to process all requests promptly.

Borrower Responsibilities

In accordance with CCLINC and ALA guidelines, the borrowing library is responsible for the item from the time it leaves our library until it’s been returned and checked back in, including loss and damage. We make every effort to package our items securely and to send by a fast, reliable method. The borrowing library is also responsible for following any restrictions we may place on an item.

Damaged, Overdue, and Lost items

We charge repair costs for items that cannot be repaired in-house. The amount is determined on a case-by-case basis. Items which are at “returned” status in OCLC or “In-Transit” status in CCLINC will be given at least one month to appear before we issue an invoice for lost items. Our item replacement fee is a minimum of $75. We will try to contact the Borrower to see if there are special circumstances before we send an invoice. We do not charge overdue fees to the borrowing library.