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Optional Student Healthcare

North Carolina Community College Student Health Insurance Plan

Are you a community college student with no health insurance for you, your partner, or child? North Carolina Community College Student Health Plan (NCCCSHP) is ready for you. NCCCSHP is simple: the semester premium rate is the same regardless of your age, agenda, or where you live and work. NCCCSHP also has coverage for your partner and children.


The following are general rules of eligibility.

Credit Hours

  • Students may enroll for coverage where they take 4 or more credit hours in the Fall or Spring semester; 3 or more credit hours in summer semester.
  • There is no additional credit hour requirement for Summer semester if student already in the program.

A student becomes ineligible for coverage when:

  • Credit hours drop below four (or three for summer) in a semester,
  • The student leaves school (except for excused military leave), or
  • Premium is not paid by the coverage effective date.

Open Enrollment Period

There is one enrollment period for each semester and total of 3 enrollment periods per year. You can enroll for a single semester or multiple semesters depending upon the semester.

To Learn More

To learn more about student health insurance and enrollment period, visit the Community College Student Insurance website.