Office of Civility

Grade Appeal Request

Students may appeal a grade awarded either within a course or as a final course grade using the grade appeal process. Students may request a grade appeal, in writing, through the course instructor, the program or discipline chair, or through the grade appeal request form. The appeal process includes an informal review followed by a formal review if the informal review fails to reach a resolution. The results of the formal review are final.

Grade appeal requests must be received within ten business days after the grade is posted or the student forfeits the right to appeal.

Students are expected to provide a reason for the appeal. Reasons may include:

  • Inconsistency between classroom practice and the course syllabus
  • Inconsistency with a grading rubric
  • Demonstrated inconsistency in grading from one student to another student
  • Grade miscalculation
  • Error in grade reporting
  • Grade assignment on some basis other performance in the course

Generally, grade appeals based upon disagreements with published class rules such as attendance, grade-weights, acceptance of late work, teaching methods, or financial aid requirements will not be supported.

Grade Appeal requests will be sent to the course instructor and the program or discipline chair for the initial review.

For more information, please contact Misty Moler, Advisor, Student Wellness Center (, 704-216-3623).