Office of Civility

Rowan-Cabarrus Sexual Misconduct Procedure

Investigation, Resolution and Sanction


To establish the protocols, definitions, and processes used by the college in the Investigation and resolution of student complaints of harassment which meet the definition of sexual misconduct established by the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights and Title IX of the Education Amendment. This procedure will supersede the Campus Code of Conduct procedure in cases of alleged gender based harassment when the Reporting or Responding Party is a student or employee.


The Director of Student Conduct, as the Title IX Coordinator, is responsible for oversight of the activities required in the procedure including initial reports, Investigation, findings, sanctions and resolutions of individual cases and compliance of the college with required elements of the federal law.

Deputy Coordinators are responsible for managing initial reports, conducting Investigations and coordinating the college response to each incident.

“Responsible Employees” are defined as those members of the campus who must report any alleged, reported or observed possible cases of harassment and discrimination based on gender, gender identity, domestic violence or sexual misconduct. Responsible employees at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College are: Vice Presidents; Chiefs; Associate Chiefs, Deans; Directors (with supervisory responsibility); all members of the Student Success division (except those working in a designated support role within Student Advocacy Services): all members of the Financial Aid office; all student club advisors; any Campus Safety and Security employees; Navigation Station staff, and all faculty. Confidential resources on campus include any personnel working within Student Advocacy Services, engaged in a formal confidential support relationship when an alleged sexual misconduct event is disclosed.