Office of Civility

Title IX Coordinator and Deputies

The Title IX Coordinator and the Title IX Deputy Coordinators hereinafter are referred to collectively as the Title IX Coordinator.

Upon receipt of a report, the Title IX Coordinator will offer appropriate community and campus resources to support both the Reporting and Responding Parties while conducting an Initial Assessment. The Initial Assessment will consider the nature of the report and possible charges, the safety of the parties and the campus community, the Reporting Party’s expressed preference for resolution, and the necessity for any Interim Protective Measures.

Following this Initial Assessment, the Title IX Coordinator may:

  1. Take no further action
  2. Pursue Voluntary Resolution
  3. Pursue an Investigation to determine if disciplinary action and sanctions are warranted.

Each resolution process is guided by the same principles of fairness and respect for all parties. Resources are available for both a Reporting Party and a Responding Party to provide support and guidance throughout the Investigation and resolution of the report. The College encourages a Reporting Party to explore all available options for resolution, including a report under the Procedure and a report to law enforcement. The processes are not mutually exclusive; an individual can choose to pursue both a report under the Procedure and a criminal Investigation at the same time. If an individual has not already contacted local law enforcement, support will be made available to assist a Reporting Party contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Should the Title IX Coordinator determine that an investigation is warranted, both the Reporting and Responding Parties will be notified in writing of the investigation, including specific charges. The Title IX Coordinator will also assign an Investigator to conduct the Investigation.

Title IX Coordinator

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