Testing Center

The Testing Center Staff

Please be aware that part time specialists are not available during all campus hours, which could result in a delay in response if you choose to contact them. Also, due to the Testing Center hours and test administration, there could possibly be a 24 hour delay or more in responses from other staff. We do our best to return all phone calls and emails as soon as possible, but we are not always readily available.

Kathy Hall, Director of Testing Centers
Campus: Primarily at South campus
Email: kathy.hall@rccc.edu
Phone: 704-216-3468

Julie Poole Harvell, Chief GED/HSE Examiner
Campus: Primarily at North campus
Email: julie.harvell@rccc.edu
Phone: 704-216-3536

Melissa Thompson, Testing Center Specialist – Full Time
Campus: Primarily at North campus
Email: melissa.thompson@rccc.edu
Phone: 704-216-7130

Ann Swicegood, Testing Center Specialist – Part Time
Campus: North campus
Email: ann.swicegood@rccc.edu
Phone: 704-216-3509

Kandi Weddington, Testing Center Specialist – Full Time
Campus: South campus
Email: kandi.weddington@rccc.edu
Phone: 704-216-3635

Frances Childs, Testing Center Specialist – Part Time
Campus: South campus
Email: frances.childs@rccc.edu
Phone: 704-216-3635