Testing Center

Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

The South Campus Testing Center is excited to now offer the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) from Pearson. We are currently the only Community College in North Carolina to offer the MAT administration.

The MAT is a high-level test of analytical ability that requires the solution of problems stated as analogies. The MAT consists of 120 partial analogies that are to be completed in 60 minutes. The test measures your ability to recognize relationships between ideas, your fluency in the English language, and your general knowledge of the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. It is designed to reflect candidates’ analytical thinking, an ability that is critical for success in both graduate school and professional life, which is why it is a requirement for admissions to many graduate programs.

MAT Preparation

The MAT involves general academic knowledge and analytical skills acquired over years of study and learning, so cramming will not help much. Instead, familiarize yourself with the structure of the MAT by reviewing the content descriptions and study items available in the MAT Study Guide provided by Pearson.

Complete the online Practice Tests that are designed to familiarize you with the types of items and the specific content areas that you will encounter on the MAT.

General Test-Taking Strategies for the MAT from Pearson

  • Be physically and mentally prepared for the exam. Be well-rested and remember to eat prior to your appointment. Dress comfortably.
  • Work quickly, but carefully, not dwelling on items that are unfamiliar or seem too difficult.
  • Skip the items that are most difficult and return to them as time allows. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers.
  • If you are not sure which answer is correct, eliminate as many options as you can first.
  • If you have doubts about an answer you have chosen, change your choice only if you have a valid reason.

Specific Strategies for Solving MAT Analogies from Pearson

  • Read each of the three given terms carefully and then determine the relationships between the two possible pairs among the three given terms.
  • Without looking at the answer options, think of a fourth term that would complete the analogy along with the three given terms.
  • Examine the answer options and select the option that most closely resembles your idea of a term that would complete the analogy.
  • Regardless of how the terms in a MAT analogy are presented, there is only one valid and logical relationship that exists between each pair of terms.
  • For more detailed information about solving MAT analogies, please visit their website at www.MillerAnalogies.com.

Cost to Take the MAT

The current cost is $70.00.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card –  You can pay online using a debit/credit card by accessing the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Official Payments website for Proctoring Payments. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. In the Home Institution box, please type MAT. If you pay online using this method, you are required to bring a printed copy of the payment confirmation for your scheduled appointment and/or show the confirmation email on your cell phone prior to the beginning of your test administration. If you lose your confirmation, you can access it through the Official Payments website by clicking on Payment Verification along the gray toolbar.
  • Cash – If you prefer to pay with cash, you may do so upon arrival. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time if you are paying with cash. Your payment will be accepted at the Navigation Station, which is the large desk located at the main entrance of the building 1000. You will receive a receipt for your payment that is to be shown prior to test administration.

Scheduling for the MAT

Please email Kathy Hall (kathy.hall@rccc.edu, 704-216-3468), Director of Testing Centers, to schedule your MAT administration. Appointments are scheduled on an individual basis to try to accommodate the test-takers’ work and school schedules and other life activities.

Where will I test?

The MAT is only administered at South Campus located at 1531 Trinity Church Road, Concord, NC 28027. The Testing Center is located in building 1000, which is the middle brick building that is rounded toward the parking lots. The Testing Center is the middle hallway and you will see a sign with an arrow for the Testing Center.

What do I need to bring with me for my testing appointment?

Pearson requires that you present two valid (i.e., unexpired) forms of identification (ID) for MAT administration. Your primary form of ID must be government-issued and contain both your photograph and your signature. The second form of ID is not required to have your photograph or signature.

Acceptable primary forms of ID (government-issued with photograph and signature) include:

  • State-Issued Driver’s License
  • Government-Issued Identification Card or Passport

Acceptable secondary forms of ID (photograph and signature not required) include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Library Card
  • Utility bill with your name and address appearing exactly the same as on your primary form of ID

Any candidate providing false identification or misrepresenting his or her identity at any time will be dismissed from the testing room and have his or her MAT scores cancelled. Pearson may consider further legal action in such cases.

Also, be aware that admittance to the CTC (Controlled Testing Center) does not guarantee the acceptability of your forms of identification or that your MAT scores will be processed. All reported cases of questionable identification are subject to review and approval by Pearson. Pearson strongly recommends that you bring several forms of ID with you, in case a Test Administrator questions one of them.