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Plumbing Standard Inspector

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Plumbing I Standard Inspection
This certification-related course is designed for the education and training of the Plumbing Level I code enforcement official who has the responsibility of inspecting residential and small commercial plumbing installations in construction up to 20,000 square feet.

Upon completion, course participants will have a better understanding of the Plumbing Code of the NC State Building Code and will be able to apply the Code in the inspection field.

In addition, with the successful completion of this course and the Law and Administration course in conjunction with other education and experience requirements specified by the NC Code Officials Qualification Board, course participants will be eligible to take the Plumbing Level I state examination for inspector certification.


  • 32 Hours
  • $125 Registration Fee
Plumbing III Standard Inspection

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • understand the plumbing code book,
  • be familiar with the certification examination and contractors exam, and
  • have the knowledge concerning the installation of plumbing in a variety of structures.


  • 16 Hours
  • $70 Registration Fee