College Environment

Division of College Environment

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of College Environment is to plan, build, operate and maintain the facilities of the College to ensure a safe, sustainable, clean, comfortable, and appealing environment, conducive to learning, teaching and working. The department will employ an adaptive and diverse support team of dedicated and professional staff and contractors to meet the needs of the College, its students, faculty, and staff.

Chief Officer’s Statement

I am privileged to lead an organization with an enthusiastic staff of managers and technicians focused on creating the best possible place to work and learn. The Division is dedicated to the concepts of Continuous Improvement, Customer Service, Safety and Sustainability, and Inclusiveness and Open Competition. Although each of these concepts factors into our goals for the College’s facilities, none of these goals could be achieved without the underlying theme of valuing our employees, which we hope we demonstrate through fair treatment, adequate resourcing, professional development, and a commitment to safety.

Jonathan Chamberlain
Chief Officer, College Environment

Civility & Environmental Services Staff - December 2016Civility & Environmental Services Staff – December 2016

Top Row from Left to Right: Ronda Holland, Mike Robinson, Daniel Huynh, Ron McMillan, John Kneip, Ben Brown, Tony Sechler, Carl Ritchie, Kim Barnett, Don Gariepy, Scott Chandler, Ken Long, Chris White, Jim Head

Bottom Row from Left to Right: Mark Ebersole, Dusty Saine, Danny Carpenter, Jonathan Chamberlain, Tim Bost

Not Pictured:  Gail Kovach