College Environment

Asset Essentials

Operations and Maintenance uses Asset Essential’s service request (work order) module to log all service requests from Rowan-Cabarrus employees. Asset Essentials is a cloud-based mobile application and can be used from any mobile device to complete a service request.

Using Asset Essentials is the method for contacting Facility Operations for all service requests except emergencies. The service requests are immediately accessible by the Facility technicians via their mobile devices, so using Asset Essentials is also the quickest way to contact us.

To access Asset Essentials, simply open the RCCC employee portal, select Web applications then Asset Essentials. Follow the prompts to sign up and enter a work request. Please choose the work type and location for the request as this will ensure the request is routed to the correct department. Please be detailed in describing the request and utilize the add photo feature if possible.

The fields used collect information to provide us a detailed record of the request, as well as provide data to help us determine appropriate resource allocations and levels.