Financial Aid

Terms & Conditions of Receiving Financial Aid

Financial assistance is based on maintaining satisfactory academic progress. A student must notify the Financial Aid Office if they withdraw from classes at Rowan-Cabarrus. Withdrawing from classes may result in a balance on the student account. Excessive withdrawals may adversely affect satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the Rowan-Cabarrus Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP). The Financial Office will adjust your award pending changes made to your eligibility or the availability of funds.

The Financial Aid Office will certify your enrollment status at the end of the add/drop period for each semester. If you register for classes but do not attend beyond the add/drop period, you must officially drop the course, or you may be responsible for all charges incurred. All awards will be adjusted at this time to reflect your actual enrollment status.

You must be enrolled at least half-time (six credits) in order to be eligible for funding for College Work Study (CWS), the NC Scholarship and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG). Financial Aid does not pay for audited classes or credit by exam.

You are required to notify the financial aid office if you receive financial assistance such as a scholarship, grant or loan from an outside source since this may affect your eligibility for financial aid. You must also notify the college if you change your name or address. The college will use your financial aid funds to pay for outstanding tuition, fees and other charges incurred. Remaining funds will be disbursed during the semester. False or incomplete information submitted by a student or on behalf of a student may result in the cancellation of  award and may require repayment of part or all of the funds disbursed to the student. If you receive aid you are not entitled to, it will be your responsibility to repay those funds. If you are taking classes at two different colleges, you can only receive aid at one institution.

Remedial credit hours attempted in the excess of 30 total semester hours cannot be counted toward enrollment status for any financial aid awarded. Financial aid will only pay for students to take a class twice once a passing grade is received.

Award amounts are estimated and subject to change based on available funding and/or regulatory changes.


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