Law Enforcement Programs

BLET Admission Requirements

Prior to enrollment each candidate must:

  1. Be sponsored or employed by a North Carolina Public Law Enforcement Agency and maintain that sponsorship or employment throughout the course.
  2. Must meet minimum standards for employment as established by the N.C. Criminal Justice Education Training and Standards Commission and/or the N.C. Sheriff’s Education Training and Standards Commission as outlined in the North Carolina Administrative Code.
  3. Must provide true and accurate information concerning his or her criminal background. Any information provided by the candidate that is determined to be false or inaccurate will be grounds to deny entry/drop enrollment or invoke sanctions under RCCC Student Behavior Standards and Sanctions.
  4. Provide the school director with a criminal records check from the clerk of courts office in each county and state of residence since the student became sixteen (16) years of age. This also applies to all times in which the candidate served in the U.S. Military Service. (See steps to enroll for further information.)
  5. Score at 597 or above on the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) placement test or has taken the reading component of a nationally standardized test and has scored at or above the tenth grade level within one (1) year preceding the candidates anticipated date of enrollment into Basic Law Enforcement Training.
  6. Be twenty (20) years of age as of the (first) day of class.
  7. Provide the basic law enforcement training school director current medical examination report forms F-1 & F-2; RCCC Exposure to Tear Gas, Mace, and Pepper Mace Release Form; and RCCC Medical Questionnaire and Release Form properly completed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. Satisfactory health documented by physician is mandatory for acceptance into the program. (See steps to enroll for further information.)
  8. Provide the basic law enforcement training school director with evidence if the student has ever been charged or convicted of any crimes civilian or military.
  9. Be a high school graduate or have passed the general education development (GED) test. Correspondence diplomas are not accepted. High school certificates are not accepted. Diplomas reflecting the person has accomplished some, but not all graduation requirements are not sufficient to satisfy this requirement.
  10. Possess a valid Driver License
  11. Be a citizen of the United States.


  • Rowan-Cabarrus Community College has increased the hours in some topical areas of basic law enforcement training course above the minimum required by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education Training and Standards Division.
  • Admission requirements are subject to change.

Prospective candidates should follow the 8 Steps to Enroll process.