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Contemporary Law Enforcement Leadership Development Certificate

The Contemporary Law Enforcement Leadership Development Certificate Program is a comprehensive course of study with the primary focus of developing the law enforcement leader to meet and exceed the challenges of 21st century policing, regardless of current rank or duty assignment. Topic areas include: understanding concepts of motivational leadership; communication skills; legal aspects and employment law; conflict management and resolution; ethics and internal affairs; budget development and management; and a variety of practical exercises. Each individual class is designed to address a specific element of development for the professional law enforcement leader.

Though the classes listed below are all required to complete the certificate program, students can attend the classes individually. Students wishing to complete the program and receive the Leadership certificate must complete the entire program within 24 months.

Contemporary Law Enforcement Leadership Development Certificate flyer


  • Concepts and Practices of Effective Leadership (40 Hrs.)
  • Ethics for Leaders (16 Hrs.)
  • Promoting Professional Standards. (16 Hrs.)
  • Law Enforcement Budgeting (24 Hrs.)
  • Crime Hotspot Mapping (16 Hrs.)
  • Leadership on the Line (24 Hrs.)
  • Methods of Transformational, Servant, and Mentoring Leadership (16 Hrs.)
  • Civil Liability for Supervisors (8 Hrs.)
  • Managing the Media in Law Enforcement (24 Hrs.)
  • Background Investigations (16 Hrs.)
  • First Line Supervision (40 Hrs.)
  • Pathway to Promotion (8 Hrs.)
  • Mid-level Management (24 Hrs.)
  • Performance Appraisals & Evaluations (16 Hrs.)

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