Career & Academic Advising

Deciding Your Program of Study

Choosing your academic program can be a confusing task. You may be interested in several programs that we offer at Rowan-Cabarrus. How do you choose the program that is the right one for you? There are several things to consider when choosing your program of study.

  • What do you plan to do after you finish your education?
    • Get a job?
    • Continue your education?
    • Work for a while and then continue your education?
  • What interests you?
  • In what subject(s) do you excel?
  • What are your skills? Your abilities?
  • What will get you where you want to go?
  • What is important to you?

If you are unsure of what program of study you want to pursue, come in and talk with a Career and Academic Advisor. We can help you find the best program to meet your goals.

If you have no idea what you want to pursue as your program of study, you may want to talk with an Career and Academic Advisor.