Records & Registration

Graduation Eligibility Notification

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College does not have an application for graduation. The Graduation and Credential Advisor determines graduation eligibility.  Students who meet graduation eligibility requirements will be notified of their pending graduation through their Rowan-Cabarrus email account.  Any student who believes they are eligible for graduation, but has not received notification shortly after midterm, should see their program chair or advisor. Students who enroll in courses for the second minimester to complete their program of study should receive notification within three weeks of the first day of the minimester.

Upon receiving the graduation eligibility notification from the Graduation and Credential Advisor, students will be directed to complete the required Graduation Information form.  Please do not submit the form until you are directed to do so.  This form only needs completed once during the graduating term, even if you are earning multiple degrees, diplomas, or certificates. 

Students completing their program of study in the summer semester must be enrolled in their final courses by April 20 to ensure their eligibility to participate in the spring Commencement Ceremony. The Graduation Information Form must be submitted by April 20 to have your name printed in the spring Commencement program. 

Please be aware that withdrawing from or failing a required course may change your graduation eligibility. We strongly encourage you to meet with your program chair or advisor for guidance. Re-enrolling in a required course for the next semester may also jeopardize your graduation status. Please email the Graduation and Credential Advisor ( if you have questions about re-enrolling in a required course.

The Assessment Office completes graduation processes several weeks after final grades have been posted.  Students meeting graduation requirements will be notified by email. Award documents – Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates – will be mailed within eight to ten weeks after the final evaluations are completed. Before sending out transcripts, students should check to make sure graduation has been posted.

Grade of Incomplete

Any student receiving a grade of “I” (Incomplete) for a course that will determine graduation eligibility for the current term needs to satisfactorily complete the course by the end of the following semester or as agreed upon in advance by the student and the instructor.

Delayed Graduation Request

Students completing the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering or Associate in Fine Arts, who have a valid reason to delay graduation, may submit an appeal to postpone graduation for one semester. The request must be sent to no later than the last day of the semester that program requirements are completed.