Records & Registration

Applying for Graduation

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all program and course requirements to earn the degree, diploma, or certificate for which they are applying.

When to Apply

Students should apply for graduation (degree, diploma and certificate) once they have registered for courses that will complete their program.

Application Acceptance Dates

Summer completion

April 4, 2017 through July 12, 2017

Fall completion

July 12, 2017 through December 7, 2017

Spring completion

Students will no longer apply for graduation. Graduation eligibility will be determined by the Registrar’s Office. Please watch for more information on this site and through your RCCC email.

Commencement is held at the end of Spring Semester. To participate in the graduation ceremony, you are expected to successfully complete your program requirements:

  • in the Fall semester prior to the ceremony
  • in the Spring semester of the ceremony
  • or be enrolled in your final courses in the Summer semester following the ceremony.

How to Apply (Fall 2017)

  1. Log into your WebAdvisor account and choose “Apply for Graduation”.
  2. Select the program from which you wish to graduate.
  3. Select the appropriate graduation term.
  4. Make any necessary changes to your name so that it appears correctly on your award document.*
  5. Indicate commencement attendance.
  6. If necessary, update your mailing address for the shipping of your award document.*
  7. Make note of any special accommodations that you or your guests may need at commencement.
  8. You are now ready to submit your application.

Confirmation that your application has been submitted will be sent to your RCCC email.

You must repeat this process for each award you are pursuing. If the program you wish to apply for is not listed, you will need to submit an Add a Program of Study or Major form. Once the program has been added to your record, you may apply for graduation using the steps above.

*Please note: Changes to your name and address made on the graduation application are not reflected in your college records. To make permanent changes, see Request Changes to Student Record.

Once you apply for graduation, the Graduation Certification Specialist will audit your transcript. You will be sent an email within three weeks indicating your graduation status. If you do not receive a status report in the allotted time, please  call 704-216-7222. An unofficial audit may be viewed under “Student Planning” in your WebAdvisor account. 

Final evaluations are conducted after grades are posted. Students meeting graduation requirements will be notified once the process is complete. Award documents will be mailed four to six weeks after the final evaluations are complete.

Grade of Incomplete

Any student receiving a grade of “I” (Incomplete) in the last semester for which graduation is expected, must complete the course requirements within two weeks of the last day of the semester in order to be permitted graduation for that term.


Curriculum students pay a $5.00 graduation fee each semester at the time of registration, regardless of participation in the ceremony.