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Withdrawal Policy & Process

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from classes does not eliminate the student’s obligation to pay any remaining balance due to Rowan-Cabarrus.

If a student withdraws from a class after the end of the drop/add period and before the 65% point in the class, he or she will receive a grade of “W.” A grade of “W” will appear on the student’s transcript, but will not be considered as hours attempted in the accumulated grade-point average. If a student does not withdraw before the 65% point in the class, the student will receive a grade of “F” or the grade earned. Courses may be dropped at any time during the schedule change period of the class. Courses dropped during schedule change (drop/add) period will not appear on the student’s record.

Withdrawn classes are processed as a final grade of “W” and are not eligible for a refund. Request for withdrawals or dropping classes for refunds must be submitted timely. Please view the Refund Policy and deadline for refund dates for more information.

Once a student has enrolled in class and has paid fees, that student remains a member of the class unless one of the following occurs:

A. Student Withdrawal

The student officially withdraws from the course by completing the necessary printed or web form. Access the online drop form.

B. Administrative Withdrawal

An administrative withdrawal may be implemented as part of mediated resolution to violations of the Campus Code of Conduct and appropriate documentation may appear on the student’s official transcript, as needed.

C. Faculty Withdrawal

An instructor will withdraw the student if the student has not attended courses for two consecutive weeks (or 12.5% of course duration), of scheduled course meetings during a 16 week semester whereby the student has not attempted intentional, ongoing communication with the instructor in person, via telephone, or campus email, to discuss the circumstances of the ongoing absence and plan their efforts to complete missed assignments.

D. Medical Withdrawal

Students may request a medical withdrawal based on injury, illness, or psychological/psychiatric disorder. A medical withdrawal form must be made prior to future enrollment.

E. Military Duty Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from courses due to call or active duty or training for military purposes. The student may provide credible documentation before reporting to or upon their return from service to the Director of Registration & Records to update their academic record.

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College reserves the right to make changes in the regulations, courses, fees, and other matters of policy and procedure when necessary.

Withdrawal Process

The student is responsible for initiating the withdrawal process. If students withdraw from a class after the end of the drop/add period and before the 65% point in the class, they will receive a grade of “W.”

Online Drop and Withdrawal Form

The Online Drop and Withdrawal form may be used to drop and/or withdraw from the course(s). This form will be available through the 65% point of the semester/term, which is the deadline to withdraw from 16-week (Fall/Spring) or 8-week (Summer) classes. If you are attempting to withdraw and this form is no longer available, please visit out Navigation Station to request your withdrawal.


Withdrawal Dates

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